Water is an important part of a human’s life. People should drink water in order for their body organs to function properly. In fact, the human body is made up of 60% to 75% of water. Water is also important in the daily activities of humans. It is used for bathing, washing clothes, dishes, and other items, running certain appliances, watering plants, brushing, and more. With such great importance also come the dangers. Water is also a great means by which the human body can catch illnesses. Likewise, it can also be responsible for damages in different structures and appliances. That is because of the fact that water is the so-called “universal solvent”. Meaning, it is capable of mixing with anything.


With such in regard, water may contain certain items that may be harmful to humans and the environment. Such can include but is not limited to ions, microorganisms, soil, and rocks. The good thing is that professionals have already invented products that are capable of treating water. With the help of those products, people are already able to consume and use clean water. However, water treatment products work using different principles or methods. Thus, they have different purposes. Taking such into consideration, people should be able to evaluate the problem of their water. Through such, they will be able to determine the type of water treatment product that they need to buy.

As an example, people who have water sources that contain hard ions like calcium and magnesium should go for water softeners or water softening products. On the other hand, people whose water sources are rich with sediments, iron, or rust should opt for water filtration systems. However, if they have both problems, then, they should have both. The good news is that there is one product that can do both.


According to the www.softwaterlab.com , the product that can both fulfill the goals of water softening and filtering systems is the Iron Pro 48K. It is a product that is capable of removing hard ions at a maximum of 75 gpg, as well as filtering iron at a minimum of six ppm and a maximum of eight ppm and manganese at six ppm. As to its physical specifications, it has an LCD screen that is able to display the status of the system, as well as error codes. Thus, users will be able to quickly see if there is something wrong with the product. It also has easy-to-use, touchpad feature and settings controls.


The part that contains the salt, called the brine tank, is equipped with a float assembly and a brine well. In addition, its bypass valve is made with stainless steel material. The part’s connection area also has a size of one inch. Thus, it can easily be connected and disconnected from the plumbing system or pipe. The product is also equipped with a metered regeneration system that helps reduce salt usage and wastewater formation. The part’s flow meter, on the other hand, is responsible for measuring the amount of water used.