Do you experience pain in your lower back after sitting in a certain position for a long period? Does the pain go away after you’ve done some stretches? The pain could be an indication that you have a certain type of back pain. We say certain because there are two types of this condition – acute and chronic. Chronic lower back pain has symptoms that persist for three months or more, and the pain gets worse over time. On the other hand, acute lower back pain lasts for a few days to a few weeks. Some say there are set treatments for lower back pain, but you can do something to relieve yourself of the discomfort it causes.


For instance, you can use a massage chair to ease the pain off your back. With a massage chair at home, you can simply sit on it and get it to start working as soon as you start feeling pain. If you don’t have one yet, you should buy one, but not before you read the different reviews posted on since those reviews can help you reach a good decision.


At this point, you’d probably want to know more about acute back pain. It’s important to address the pain while it’s still at its early stage lest it escalates and turns into chronic back pain. Acute lower back pain is generally caused by a sudden injury to the muscles and ligaments supporting the back and the spine. Older people and those with weak muscles for lack of exercise are more susceptible to injuries or accidents. The pain may be due to a strain, tear, or spasm in muscles or ligaments.


Aside from these, acute low back pain may also be caused by other life threatening conditions such as:


Compression Fractures to the Spine


These are fractures or broken vertebrae which may lead to the kyphosis or multiple fractures and collapse of the spine. The leading causes are osteoporosis, trauma to the back because of an accident and tumors. The compression may cause an acute lower back pain which can become chronic if not medically attended. Visible symptoms include loss of height and curvature of the spine. Other symptoms include numbness, difficulty in walking and loss of control of the bladder and bowel functions.


Ruptured or Herniated Disk


The backbone or spine consists of vertebrae and disks in between to protect the spinal cord and nerves that transmit impulses to and from the brain. When the disks are moved out of place (herniated) or it breaks (rupture) due to a strain or injury, pressure may be applied to the spinal nerves. The lumbar area or the lower back is the most susceptible part despite being the strongest and largest vertebrae. This leads to numbness as well acute lower back pain which may extend to the lower part of the body.

Cancer of the Spinal Cord


Tumors in the spinal cord could be growths in the cord or may emanate from the brain, breast, lungs, lymphoma, and prostate during metastasis. This is known as a secondary bone cancer. Tumors in spine per se involving the spinal cord membranes or meninges still have unknown origins to these days. Common symptoms include acute lower back pain and loss of control of bowel and bladder.

Acute lower back pain will not always by the simple popping of a pill. It may work but remember that this is not treating the underlying cause. Some can really be life threatening and need more than a pill.