How is a makeup mirror different from any type of mirrors?  And why is it important to choose the right one? What are the factors and features to be considered when purchasing this mirror? This article contains essential information about makeup mirrors and why you should have one.

What is the science behind Makeup Mirrors?

Basically, makeup mirrors are the type of mirrors that are curved inward or popularly called as concave mirrors. The inward curve of the mirror results in what is known as the incident angle or the angled reflection. This angle is where the light first lands on the mirror and creates real and undistorted images. If you try to look at your camera lens, you will notice that they are also made with concave mirrors, thus it has more power to focus light and create a clear image.

How to choose the best makeup mirror?

It is not very difficult to look for the best makeup mirror since a lot of companies are now producing makeup mirrors. Nevertheless, not all makeup mirrors are created the same and not all of them are created by companies with good reputation. So in choosing the best makeup mirror for you, here are the things you should look for.

Firstly, choose a makeup mirror that comes with 7x or even 15x magnification. This type of makeup mirror magnification will help you apply your makeup conveniently. Think about applying eyeliner or using your favorite lipstick. You need to make sure that you apply it very well and with good lining and consistency. Removing unwanted hair and blending makeup colors can also be very convenient using makeup mirror with high magnification.

Another consideration in choosing the best makeup mirror is the kind of lighting needed. It is essential to use natural daylight as your lighting for makeup. Nevertheless, you can always choose a lighted makeup mirror if you need to do your makeup on evenings or during instances without natural daylight. For this, you will need LED or fluorescent white light as they can provide good lighting fit for makeup.

Best Makeup Mirror

There are three makeup mirrors that have been the most popular choice among makeup artists and enthusiasts. The first one is the Daisi Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror with 7x magnification and comes with a built in LED lights. It is also a very affordable choice for makeup mirrors and has a 1-year warranty.

Another choice for makeup mirror is the Fancii Magnifying Makeup Mirror with 10x magnification and built-in LED light. It is very compact and portable and has a diameter of only 6″. You can easily carry this type of mirror wherever you go.

The Jerdon HL65N Makeup Mirror is yet another choice for a makeup mirror especially for makeup enthusiasts or for starters. It comes with 5x magnification and has halo lighting technology. The Jerdon makeup mirror measures 8″ in diameter and comes with a 1-year warranty.